A Tale of Two Cuvées: Hye Meadow Winery’s Gold Medal Sparklers

Hye Meadow Winery is bringing in a new era for Texas sparkling wines, now winning multiple Gold medals for their Hye-Albert Cuvée! A sparkling wine is effervescent due to its significant level of carbon dioxide which can be attributed to different processes, from naturally occurring, to traditional and even injected carbon dioxide. Looking to fill a thin gap in the Texas wine market, Mike Batek originally desired to create a sparkling wine in the state. However at the time, the unique and expensive bottling line required was simply not available. Hye Meadow had to turn to our neighbor New Mexico for assistance in getting the wine made and bottled.

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2014

The original Hye-Albert Cuvee was an instant success, and after winning a Double Gold at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition they naturally sold out of the sparkler rather quickly. Acknowledging there was a demand for their sparkling wines based on their initial success with the Hye-Albert Cuvée, Batek decided to go bigger with two sparklers. For 2014, Hye Meadow planned on making they Hye-Albert Cuvée an all Texas sparkler with the help of Texas Custom Wine Works and their new bottling line. “With Mike Sipowitz’s expertise, we found the correct pressures in which to bottle and helped break in their new Italian bottling line,” says Mike Batek, Hye Meadow Winery.

Hye Meadow Winery Chica Sparkling wine

Hye Meadow also added a fun sparkler to their growing portfolio, and Chica, which is named after Batek’s grandmother – Francisca Benavides, was created. Born in 1903 in a tiny town in Northern Mexico, Francisca Hinojosa Benavides inspired everyone around her with her grace, spirit and love of life. Nicknamed “Chica” for the sparkle in her eye that never dimmed, Francisca “lived life to the fullest and always made sure everyone had a great time.” Mike Batek, Francisca’s grandson, hopes that this sparkling wine will inspire others with Chica’s joie de vivre.

In 2014 Hye Meadow Winery partnered with the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin and created a special bottling of their Hye-Albert Cuvée, celebrating La Belle. In the late 17th Century, four ships set out from France, their crews determined to reach the mouth of the Mississippi. They found the coast of Texas instead, where they established a French colony. Tragically one of those ships, La Belle, sank in Matagorda Bay. Three centuries later, that ship was rediscovered, opening a window on a world long gone and inspiring the creation of the Bob Bullock Museum.

La Belle Bob Bullock Museum

Last October, The Bullock opened an exhibit celebrating those roots with “La Belle: The Ship That Changed History.” Hye Meadow Winery was honored to be a part of that amazing exhibit, and created a special bottling of their sparkling wine, the Hye-Albert Cuvée, celebrating La Belle. The labels of this bottling include a drawing of the fateful ship, which was instrumental in establishing a French connection in Texas.

The award winning Hye-Albert Cuvée is available at the winery and online ($32 HERE)


10257 U.S. Highway 290 West
Website: www.hyemeadow.com
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 11am-5pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: noon-5pm
Flight tasting $10

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