Have you had an Epiphany lately?

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Grape Creek Vineyards Epiphany label

We received the product for review and all opinions are our own.

Receiving a gift is one of life’s greatest pleasures, almost as wonderful as the opportunity to give. A bottle of great wine is not only a gift, but also an experience, and one to be shared with friends and loved ones. I received a bottle of 2010 Epiphany from Grape Creek Vineyards‘ owner Brian Heath last year. This is a special bottle for many reasons. Aside from it being a generous present to me, it was from Brian’s personal stash of this vintage which is dwindling. It was the wine chosen for his daughter’s wedding and was the first estate bottling from the replanted Grape Creek Vineyard, which occurred in 2007.

Grape Creek Vineyards Epiphany bottle

Of course, such a bottle needed to be opened at a special time with delightful people. On Christmas day, I was perusing the cellar for a bottle to take to my family’s house for the holiday. My mind immediately recalled this bottle and the decision was made. Close family and a glorious bottle of wine. With that set-up who cares what Santa brought that day; it wasn’t going to ruin this experience!

A wine club only—black label wine from their program, the 2010 Epiphany is a blend of Montepulciano and Aglianico. Known in its youth for bright red fruits and notes of coffee and chocolate, the wine has softened and mellowed over the years. I detected notes of red fruits, but after the bottle began to really open up, earthy notes of dirt and leather as well as spices tantalize the senses. The tannins are very soft, while the finish lingers with a silky presence. I was shocked at the amount of structure this wine offers at 11.5% alcohol, as this was not a big chunky wine to begin with, but still has adequate density and a full mouthfeel. The rest of the family gave it a positive two thumbs up, without question.

Grape Creek Vineyards Epiphany bottle top

The Epiphany is not a yearly wine from Grape Creek as only certain vintages meet the high standards of this bottling. It was a pure joy to indulge in this bottle of wine with my family. A big Thank You to Brian Heath and family, as well as the Grape Creek Vineyards family for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy this bottle. Here’s to many more vintages capable of earning the name, Epiphany.


The post Have you had an Epiphany lately? appeared first on Texas Wine Lover.