Review of Bingham Family Vineyards Dugout

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Bingham Dugout

The Bingham Family has been farming for many generations and present day, is one of the prominent growers in the Texas High Plains. They still farm organic cotton and peanuts, but we in the wine industry know them for the over 200 acres of grapes they farm and manage each year. A large family, each member does their part to help run the family business. Recently they have begun producing their own wines under the Bingham Family Vineyards label. They have a working winery in Meadow, Texas, and are opening up their tasting room in Grapevine, Texas. The tasting room should be officially open by the beginning of May, 2015. Kyle Bingham will be managing the tasting room in Grapevine, while Daniel Bingham is the winemaker at the family winery. Manuel Lechuga is assisting in the winery, and has had many years experience working for Pheasant Ridge Winery.

Daniel Bingham and Manuel Lechuga

Daniel Bingham and Manuel Lechuga

I had the pleasure of sampling the portfolio of wines from Bingham recently at Newsom Grape Day in Plains, Texas and I will say they are all clean and well made wines. They are producing dry and sweet red wines, as well as a Rosé and several whites. I purchased several bottles at the winery on my way back home, and have chosen to review the Dugout. Here’s the story.

The label is eye catching with it’s elegant, and artistic nature. The drawing at the bottom of the label was done by Cliff Bingham’s mother, while the prominent “B” pays homage to the broad musical talents among many of the family members. Once the quality cork was inched from hibernation, I poured the wine into my Riedel glass. The color is garnet with a brick rim. The nose is powerful and bursts into the air with nuances of red cherries, fig newton, raspberries, and sunbaked earth. The palate concurs, with a drizzle and mouthfeel of dusty saddle leather. When is the last time you licked an old saddle?


  • Bingham Family Vineyards Dugout, non-vintage
  • Winemaker(s): Daniel Bingham, Manuel Lechuga
  • Appellation: Texas High Plains AVA
  • Grape varieties: 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 14% Cabernet Franc
  • Clarity/Brightness: Clear/bright with no detectable flaws and no evidence of gas or sediment
  • Tannins: Medium
  • Acidity: Medium Plus
  • Alcohol: Medium
  • Finish: Long

Dugout bottle labels

I must confess, I really dig the dugout; see what I did there? The wine is full bodied, with ample tannins, and bright acids. The finish seems to linger on forever. I confidently and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wine with heft and chunkiness on the palate. If you are seeking a dainty Cab blend from Texas, the Dugout may not be for you. This wine is all about body and intense flavors.

Sip, savor, and enjoy my fellow aficionados.

The post Review of Bingham Family Vineyards Dugout appeared first on Texas Wine Lover.