Texas Wine Goes Underground with First Subterranean Winery in Liberty Hill

by Christine Bolaños , The Independent

The first underground wine tasting bar and winery in Texas is slated to open mid-May just outside Liberty Hill.

The inspiration came after owner and wine-maker Dan Marek Jr. experienced the concept in California. Thirsty Mule Winery & Vineyard has been in the works for eight years and is coming to fruition this spring.

“We visited several underground tasting bars in California and thought the concept should come to Texas as we are the only underground tasting bar in the state,” he said.

Liberty Hill seemed like the ideal location because of its proximity to Austin.

“We were mainly looking for a high-traveled road with easy access for Austin traffic. Plus we found a property with a 3,000 square foot underground house which was converted into the tasting bar, which also has a cave behind it with windows looking in through the cave,” Marek Jr. explained.

His passion for wine has been an intricate part of his upbringing as well as his business.

“I grew up making wine with my father as a home winemaker. I then started studying the trade and took several classes,” he shared. “I am now the winemaker for three wineries in Texas and also I am an International Wine Judge, which I just returned home (last) week from Rochester, NY, judging the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE >

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