Texas wines and the shot heard around the world…

Above: Ray Isle — executive wine editor for Food & Wine magazine, frequent Today Show guest, and one of the top wine writers in the U.S. today — was a member of the panel that tasted Texas wines on Sunday at the first-ever Austin Food & Wine Festival.

From CNN.com to Texas Monthly to the Houston Press, it seems that EVERYONE is talking about Texas wines in the wake of what is sure to be considered a historic tasting of Lone Star State wines on Sunday at the first-ever Austin Food & Wine Festival (presented by Food & Wine magazine).

Duchman Family Winery’s Vermentino was one of six wines selected by top Texas wine authority Russ Kane for the historic panel, which included Master Sommeliers Devon Broglie and Craig Collins, “best sommelier in Texas” 2009 June Rodil, Food & Wine executive wine editor Ray Isle, and Russ (here’s Russ’ post on the tasting and seminar, which he moderated).

Isle gave high marks to the Duchman Vermentino and mentioned it this week in his column for the CNN food blog Eatocracy.

Texas Monthly wine writer Jessica Dupuy reported detailed tasting notes for all the wines and quoted Master Sommelier Devon Broglie on Duchman Vermentino: “‘The thing about this wine is it’s just freaking delicious,’ said Broglie.’It’s fresh and floral with bright acidity.’”

And here’s what Austin wine blogger and CultureMap contributor Matt McGinnis had to say about the Duchman Vermentino: “It has bright lemon, and honeysuckle scent, and has good balance of acidity and fruit with white peach flavors and slight bitterness of lemon zest on the pleasant finish.”

We’re thrilled, of course, that the Duchman Family Winery was so well received at the festival (where we had a stand) and the seminar. And there is no doubt in our mind that Sunday’s tasting will be remembered as a “shot heard around the world.” To borrow Russ’ line: “The consensus: Texas wines ARE for real!”

You’ll find more notes from the seminar on Russ’ blog.

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