The Proper Etiquette For Dealing With That First Tiny Pour

 Last week, we talked about how to tackle a huge wine list. This week, Keith Beavers, owner and beverage director of In Vino, is here to talk about something else that intimidates diners: tasting your wine when it arrives. When the somm or server brings the bottle to your table, what exactly is the proper etiquette? Should you taste it? Have a full glass off the bat? Swirl? Panic?

Relax – our veteran Chief Wine Geek is here to tell you that there’s no need to freak out. Simply nose the wine, agitate it a little if you want (you can give the wine a sexy swirl or slosh it around haphazardly), and confirm that it smells like the flavors you discussed with your somm before ordering. You don’t even really need to taste the wine, although you’re welcome to. If you like what you’re sniffing, congratulations! You’re now able to enjoy that bottle the rest of the night. But what about when you find yourself disappointed? You’ll just have to wait for our next installment of…

Owning It At A Wine Bar!

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